Bill's Links
to other Daylily websites


The time has come for me to face the reality that I just don't have the time it takes to
maintain good accurate links. Therefore, I have removed most of the links and instead,
refer you to what I believe is one of the most comprehensive links page on the web.

Charlotte's Daylily Diary

Thanks to everyone who have allowed me to link to your sites over the past years.

The links below are primarily those I use myself, left here for my own convenience.

American Hemerocallis Society- National daylily organization home page
AHS YouTube Channel- American Hemerocallis Society YouTube Channel
AHS Region 6- Texas and New Mexico Region Website
Houston Hemerocallis Society- Houston Texas area club website
Lone Star Daylily Club- Houston Texas (southern) area club website
JTM Gardens- Alabama - Jesse and Terah George
Shantih Daylily Gardens- Alabama - Judi and Paul Aucoin
Floyd Cove Nursery- Florida - Guy & Karen Pierce
Frank Smith Daylilies- Florida - Pete Harry
Ladybug Daylilies- Florida - Dan Hansen
Le Petit Jardin- Florida - Ted & Susan Petit
Nicole's Daylilies- Florida - Nicole Harry
Rollingwood Gardens- Florida - Jeff and Elizabeth Salter
Spacecoast Daylilies- Florida - Kinnebrew Family
Water Mill Gardens- Florida - Dan and Jane Trimmer
Bell's Daylily Garden- Georgia - Tim & Linda Bell
Joiner Gardens- Georgia - Frances, Enman, Royce, Jan and Aaron Joiner
Daylily World- Kentucky - David Kirchhoff and Mort Morss
Patrick Guidry's Daylily Garden- Louisiana - Patrick & Diana Guidry
Browns Ferry Gardens- South Carolina - Charles Douglas
The Lily Farm- Texas - Mark Carpenter
Paynes In The Grass Daylily Farm- Texas - Leon and Paula Payne
All Things Plants- Database includes daylilies with pictures
The Lily Auction- On-line daylily auction
Daylily Graphics Collection- AHS e-mail robin image exchange group archives
Daylily Rust Web Page- Maintained by Sue Bergeron
Tinker's Gardens- On-line AHS Registration Database